Rather like Drive (2011) or Down Terrace (2009) the shadowy threat of violence lingers in the background until whammo it's there and it's only going to get worse. This is not to say it's a blood thirsty film, far from it, but lets just say that problems are dealt with cleanly and efficiently.
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Nice Guy is a strong film, with powerful performances and a story that drives ever forward.
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A plot that’s not far between Ben Wheatley’s Kill List (although will a little less violence) and Garry Oldman’s Nil By Mouth (although with a little less intoxication). Watching the climatic scene is an edge-of-seat experience with a truly excellent revelation.
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The independent film Nice Guy, the assured feature debut of Pascal Bergamin, is a bleak chronicle of an Everyday Joe whose life starts slipping from under his feet after he finds himself unemployed.
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This crime thriller leads you through the London winter - announced by Brechtian style chapters - and with powerful performances it pulls you into a journey with an underlying threat of danger and with no fire escapes.
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An emotional experience.